Monster Cupcakes


Monster Cupcakes is an adorable little Cupcake shop in Kyungridangil in Itaweon. As the name – and the picture- may suggest, they sell the cutest horror-themed cupcakes.

Chucky says hi, guys.

Chucky says hi, guys.

We went there at around 8 or 9 pm, and there weren’t many choices availible- it was either the Tiramisu or the Dark Chocolate. I’ve heard that if you get a little more diligent and get there before everything has been devoured, you’ll be able to see flavours such as Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Red Velvet, and Mint, to name just a few.


We chose this cutie- Dark Chocolate, 4500 won, with a gummy worm on top!


Sofie demonstrates the before-cupcake excitement..

i eat you now

i eat you now

So what did we think of it?

Uh.. two stars out of five. The tastes was just- not good. It was more like a sponge cake than a cupcake; no moistness, very spongy and.. just not a good flavour. The frosting was hard with all the sugar, not creamy with that zing of just the right sweetness as it should be.

We really wanted to like it- I mean, how cute are these Jack Skellington Vanilla cupcakes– but no, gurl. Especially at that steep price, jus’ not worth it.


You can find the directions here, and the address is as follows:

Monster Cupcake
 Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-Dong, 305-7 , Seoul, Korea 140-861