Gwangjang Sijang Part 1: Vintage shopping

Nope, I didn’t completely forget about my blog. I promise!

The rush of first week of being back at school- as well as attempting to fight my way through the tests this week while running on minimum hours of sleep- was.. pretty crazy. It left li’l time for me to sit down and get all nostalgiccy as I tried to organized the masses of photos of us Sofie left behind after our spring break together.

But this weekend I’ve finally managed to haul my butt back into shape and get things done! (After a few guilty episodes of Gossip Girls… today was my first time ever watching it, and I must admit, it has a strange superficial allure to it. …Stop with the judging stares. I’m not proud of it.)

Anyways. Here it is:


The lovely Sofie and Gwangjang Sijang! (Literally meaning town square market place)

Gwangjang Sijang is an old-skool Korean style market place, filled to its brim with good ol’ hearty Korean food. This means fry-ups, sweet pumpkin porridges, and some more.. acquired taste eateries. But more on that later. Our first stop was the HUGE vintage market right next door to the food market!

DSC_0981 DSC_0982

Rows, upon rows, upon R-O-W-S of gorgeous (and sometimes gorgeously hideous) vintage clothing, just crying out to be held and loved again. The trick is to keep your head straight: the owners will try some extravagant tactics to try and get you to buy these gems. These included the:


Owner: Oh, that jacket looks TOO fab on you! Okay, but just because you have such an awesome style- shh, come close, so the other shop owners won’t hear- I’ll do it SUPERCHEAP just for you. It’s a ONE-TIME offer, no one but you! Gosh, I really shouldn’t be doing this

Me: (In a bored, get-to-the-point-please tone) How much?

Owner: Really, REALLY cheap. Nothing really, compared to the real price. It’s a total steal-


Owner: … 40000 won.

Me: *Huffs and escapes*

*The average price around here would be around ~20000 won for a denim jacket, 8000ish for a blouse & even cheaper. Guys, bargain, and bargain hardcore.*


One of the guys, after finding out Sofie’s name from me and her conversations, kept calling out ‘Oh, Sawww-fieeee! Come back to this stall!” and soon it spread, stall to stall, and we heard echos of “Sofie”s in bad English accents everywhere. Yes, pretty creepy. But pretty funny.



I’ll show in a seperate post what I managed to nab!

Some Tips:

1. Initially ask for a price lower than you’d expect the final dealing price to be. You can up from your original offer, but you can’t lower it!

2. Aegyo your heart out! If you don’t know what it is, look here for definition. It’s basically acting cutesy. Heh. Be like, “I’ll come back next time with all my friends! Promiseee!” Werk that cute face. Sorry, guys, this will be pretty hard for those of you who belong in the male demographic!

3. Be aloof. Do the non-commital, “I’ll look around some more- and maybe come back.” “I don’t know, that’s kinda still a bit expensiver than I expected- such a shame. Sorry!” And enjoy the “WELL HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT FOR THEN??! IS 3000 WON DISCOUNT ENOUGH??”s that will follow your so-very-detached-and-cool backside.

4. Don’t feel bad when you don’t buy something. These people will try REALLY REALLY hard to sell you something and grab on to you (not literally, don’t worry) when you try to leave. BE STRONG. It’s your money. You don’t owe ’em nothin’.

And now for the food paradise!


4 thoughts on “Gwangjang Sijang Part 1: Vintage shopping

    • You definitely should! There’s so much going for such a cheap price(: It’s called Guje sijang in Korean, and you kind of go up this side staircase right next to the main entrance.

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