Cacao Green

I’m on a roll today. Ehe.

So let me first lure you in with this ultimate foodporn picture:


The ultimate cure to any chocolate craving. The kind of monster that will leave you awake at night, salivating and re-living your encounter with it. It’s the Triple Chocolate bingsu, a type of Korean dessert made up of shaved ice, milk, and sweetened azuki beans- this time replaced with brownies, truffles, homemade chocolate brownie gelato, chocolate shaved ice, and candied walnuts. Um. How do you resist this beast?!


The cafe itself looks pretty harmless- a chocolate cafe called Cacao Green in Myeongdong, the busy shopping district of Seoul. They are also doubled up with a frozen yogurt cafe called Red Mango, so you can order both of the cafe’s menus here.



Sofie, waiting for our beast. Noooom.




Voila! Urf, what I would give to stick my face in that chocolate glory again..


Me, just about to plunge. Nom.


Dense and chocolatey brownie, slightly bitter and chewy truffle, creamy chocolate shaved ice with the sweet and perfect chocolate gelato.. and the candied walnuts to provide just the right crunch of texture.


I’ll admit, after a while, all the chocolate- despite being all high quality, really great tasting stuff- got a little sickening. (Not that we didn’t finish it- we licked it clean.) We ordered the Regular (around 11000 won), and I can only imagine what the Large (13000 won ish?) would look like. I recommend gathering up 3 Sofie-and-Minsoo sized people, or 2 regular adults, to attack the Regular.

Cacao Green & Red Mango, Myeondong Store

3F 32-5 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea


It’s on the second floor, and for those of you lucky ducks with a smart phone, get the Naver Maps app and type in Cacao Green. Let your phone show you the light into this chocolate heaven.




Monster Cupcakes


Monster Cupcakes is an adorable little Cupcake shop in Kyungridangil in Itaweon. As the name – and the picture- may suggest, they sell the cutest horror-themed cupcakes.

Chucky says hi, guys.

Chucky says hi, guys.

We went there at around 8 or 9 pm, and there weren’t many choices availible- it was either the Tiramisu or the Dark Chocolate. I’ve heard that if you get a little more diligent and get there before everything has been devoured, you’ll be able to see flavours such as Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Red Velvet, and Mint, to name just a few.


We chose this cutie- Dark Chocolate, 4500 won, with a gummy worm on top!


Sofie demonstrates the before-cupcake excitement..

i eat you now

i eat you now

So what did we think of it?

Uh.. two stars out of five. The tastes was just- not good. It was more like a sponge cake than a cupcake; no moistness, very spongy and.. just not a good flavour. The frosting was hard with all the sugar, not creamy with that zing of just the right sweetness as it should be.

We really wanted to like it- I mean, how cute are these Jack Skellington Vanilla cupcakes– but no, gurl. Especially at that steep price, jus’ not worth it.


You can find the directions here, and the address is as follows:

Monster Cupcake
 Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-Dong, 305-7 , Seoul, Korea 140-861 

Exploring Seoul: Day 1

Last Friday marked the beginning of spring break for my school- as soon as we were set free, there was only one thing on my mind. Saturday saturday saturday.

You see, Saturday was the day that my fabulous friend, Sofie, was flying in from Japan to stay with me for 5 days. We have the same taste in basically everything: from Amelie to coconut-and-banana ridden desserts, we’re pretty much guaranteed to share each other’s passions. She is one amazing and inspirational chicka. So you can imagine how excited I was to show her Seeeeeouuuul!

the airport pictchaaaa

the airport pictchaaaa

me looking dapper

me looking dapper

So as soon as The Notebook-worthy dramatic hug-and-scream-in-airport was over, I whisked her off to Itaewon- a part of Seoul where all the foreigners hang out, and incidently, the part with all the very best food. First stop was my absolute favourite Thai restaurant, where real Thai chefs cooked up the awesome food:

Tom Yum Kkoong, Tod Man Gung (Fried shrimp cakes) and white rice- Pad See Ew and Drunken Noodles not pictured. Boo.

Tom Yum Kkoong, Tod Man Gung (Fried shrimp cakes) and white rice- Pad See Ew and Drunken Noodles not pictured. Boo.


photocreds to Sofie.

And a vintage shop, cool bakery, and some frightening cupcakes were to follow. I’ll introduce all of them seperately!

The Start of Something New

High School Musical references are always appropriate.

Especially when christening a new blog.

Hi, everybody! -In other words, me, myself, and I, most probably. You’ve reached Minsoo. I’m a 14 year old girl, living in Seoul. A foodholic, and an obsessor of almost all things old- vintage clothes, 80’s movies, old bands, records, film cameras, etc. I’m a cheapskate, and you’ll be able to find my tiny 4-feet-11 self toppled in a pile of second hand clothes somewhere.

This blog will include introductions to my favourite hidden away cafes & foodie places in Seoul, thrift store finds, fashion, life, and general ramblings of a teenager stuck in Korea. I’m still clueless and a newbie about the whole ~blogging~ thang, so do bear with while I get a gist of this. Do check out my about section if you’re wondering who is dis chick? 

Otherwise, thanks for reading, and wish me luck on later posts.. I’m a chronically lazy bum.

I think the leggings I wore to sleep today are pretty cool.

I think the leggings I wore to sleep today are pretty cool.